robot maintenance
When a robot breaks down, recovery takes time in comparison with electrical trouble if the factor is mechanical. As for the trouble of the machine part, some kind of symptoms (abnormal noise, vibration) occur beforehand. We diagnose the symptom and prevent a long-time production stop by changing a part premeditatedly. We recommend periodical check to a robot.

When we overlook red signal!
Production sotp with rouble of reducer.
Recovery takes time.
Low precision of positioning by the backlash of the gear bearing
Possibility to produce the defective products such as welding errors
Second disaster by the short circuit
Damege of motor and servo amplifier.

  Maintenance Menu

Basic Item
Grease change, battery change, Reducer and bearing inspection.
  • Simple exam: basic 4hr/ robot
  • Waveform check: basic + chart recording 8hrs/ robot
  • Checkup-1: basic + panel inspection (power, fan) + robot, panel cleaning 8hrs/ robot
  • Simple checkup-2: basic + wire replacement of robot 8hrs/ robot
  • Checkup-2: checkup-1 + wire replacement of robot 16hrs/ robot
  • Overhaul: inspection --> quotation. We overhaul robot at our repair factory.

  • Please contact to nearest office or robot center.